The Real Truth - What the government doesn't want you to know.

Breakin AFTF News:

The Brown Story in New Hampshire

Good material to further educate people:

What is a US Citizen - A real good explanation of who we are and who they are

Stuff I use to introduce AFTF:

AFTF Welcome - A welcome letter to send to new people who signup
Dear Lovers of Liberty - A nice introduction pieced together from Aaron's website
AFTF Offer - A nice introduction letter to offer screenings to veteran groups

Materials for use in public screenings:

AFTF Signup - A sheet to be used for attendees who want to help

Materials I use to help promote AFTF:

AFTF Card - My personal business card for making contacts
AFTF Calendar - A yearly calendar with my b/card on the top
AFTF Post Card Front - A postcard I came up with for making contact
AFTF Post Card Back - A postcard I came up with for making contact
AFTF Ad UA - This is an ad I am running in a local publication

General Items of Intertest

National Conference Call with Tom Cryer
8.5x11 Poster Supporting Ron Paul

Brian Caouette
AFTF Coordinator Maine
(207) 212-6560 after 4pm est

[email protected]

bcaouette85 Yahoo Instant Messenger
brianc69 AOL/AIM Instant Messenger

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