Sherry Peel Jackson
18-Month Plan To Eliminate The IRS

December 11, 2002

Please get this out all over the country 


I have been studying "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu.  I have also been studying the communications of Larken Rose where he explains in great detail that the way we communicate our position concerning the income tax makes all the difference between whether we sound like scam artists or intelligent knowledgeable people. 

I have come up with Sherry's version of The Art of War, and have developed three (3) rules of war.  We will skim over the first two and spend a substantial amount of time on the last one. 


In the movie Gulliver's Travels, there were feuding people called the big enders and the little enders.  When Gulliver asked them what the war was about, they could not remember.  They had been fighting so long that the majority of the soldiers had no idea what the war was about.  We can't afford to go off half-cocked and not understand what we are fighting for.  Also, we must understand the issue.  The issue is the misapplication and misrepresentation of the income tax.  We must concentrate on issues that matter.  We can't argue things that are not going to hold water.  In my opinion, the Theft-By-Deception video is the best formulation of information on the income tax misapplication that has been developed for the average American.  This video tells why we don’t owe and how we got tricked into thinking that we owe.  The video was produced on an 8th grade reading level, and although tax law is boring, the video is clear, concise and has not been rebutted by anyone.  No attorney, CPA, tax preparer, IRS agent or other has been able to rebut the information in this video.  The government even only spouts off "frivolous" to the issue.  Please know the issue front and back, and know it well enough to explain it to others. 


The enemy is big and has big guns.  They will try their best to bring you to ruin.  Never take them for granted.  Never think that you are smarter.  In a failure to file case that I saw in February, the prosecution dug up the defendant's college transcript and his application to his job and there were discrepancies.  (The man had to be 50 years old!) This was made a big deal to the jury - as the defendant had stated earlier "I am a man of my word".   The government also made a big deal of the fact that the man drove a Benz.  They will stop at nothing to make you look like a crook to the jury.  So we don't want to even let our cases get to court.  We know that we have problems with our judges.  Joseph Banister, former CID agent, says that the IRS CID has files on all of the federal judges.  The judges could be audited or their family members could be threatened if they judge in our favor on any issue. 


In the last decade the person with the best "spin doctors" was Bill Clinton.  We need to become "Clintonesque" spin-doctors and get this issue out to the American people within the next 18 months so that the IRS will be eliminated.  It is more than possible.  IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti and Treasury Secretary O'Neal are gone - all within the last month.  If we are dedicated and determined, we can have the whole gang looking for jobs by next year this time.  Here is the plan:  

Friends and Family Members

After you have studied the video backwards and forwards invite your friends and family members to your home or to some place to watch the video.  Have coffee and Danish for them to refresh.  The video is 90 minutes long, and you will need to break between sections. Sections 1-5 last 50 minutes and Sections 6-8 last 40 minutes.  Tax law can be slow, so to avoid people going to sleep, break it up.  Have as many friends and family that will watch it come over.  You may have to have several meetings.  ONCE THEY LEARN THE INFORMATION THEY CANNOT UNLEARN IT.  THEY WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT.  

Hard Line Friends and Family Members

I am sure that all of us have friends and family members that "don't want to hear any of that stuff".  We must make them listen.  We are at war and the time for being nice is over.  If they were drowning or if we saw that they were walking in front of a bus then we would violently pull them up or pull them back.  This is what you are doing when you MAKE them listen.  For example, one father said to me "my daughter is a CPA and she will not listen to me."  I told the man to go through this scenario.  Lets pretend that the mans daughter is named Nancy.   "Nancy, do you love me?"  "Yes dad, of course I love you."  "Nancy, if I were drowning would you save me?"  "Sure dad, you know that I would save you."  "Well, I know you think I am drowning when I talk about this tax issue, but If you really love me then you will sit down with me for 2 hours this Saturday and watch this one video with me."  ONCE SHE LEARNS THE INFORMATION SHE CANNOT UNLEARN IT.  SHE WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT.  If your hard line family member(s) live out of town you may need to wait until you see them on vacation or a holiday.  I would not suggest that you mail them the video.  If they are already hard line then the video will probably collect dust. 

CPA's and Attorneys

Your CPA and attorney friends and acquaintances will be hard to convince.  One man in Utah told me that he called his attorney and said he needs a two-hour meeting with him.  He paid the attorney his hourly rate and had the attorney come to his office.  The attorney came in and the businessman had his TV and VCR in the conference room and made the attorney watch the entire video.  The attorney was overwhelmed. ONCE THEY LEARN THE INFORMATION THEY CANNOT UNLEARN IT.  THEY WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT.

Also, note that CPA's and attorneys may start getting sued for aiding and abetting the fraud.  I told a couple of CPA's that after clients see this video the clients will be so angry that they may sue the CPA or attorney for negligence.  This statement scared the CPA's and they may sit down and watch the video now.  

Any College Campuses In Your Area?

We need to get these college kids educated before they get into the system.  They are not fearful yet.  They don't have $80,000 jobs to protect.  They already have a little rebellion in them anyway.  Get with the student union president and find out if they have rooms in the student union building that you can have meetings in on a Wednesday or Thursday night.  You don't want to have the meeting on a Friday night because some students go home on the weekends.  Make a flyer for the campus break rooms and the cafeterias.  Get the students interested in coming - especially the Law and Accounting students.  

I am going to offer a $1,000 scholarship for the student that can debunk the video after watching it.  All of them need money.  I will have several videos on hand to sell to the students after the meetings. There are 6 colleges around the Atlanta area, so I will be busy.  If you have college students at your church or in your community they may be able to help you find out the procedure for getting a room.  They may even want to initiate the meetings.  ONCE THEY LEARN THE INFORMATION THEY CANNOT UNLEARN IT.  THEY WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT.  

A word of caution.  Do not deal with high school students.  They are not emancipated. (18 years old).  You don't want a lawsuit from parents stating that you have brainwashed their child.  But once they are emancipated they are adults. 

Public Access TV

Several people in the "movement" utilize public access TV and send in videos.  Check with your cities public access station and find out the requirements for you to get a video on.  You may have to show part of it  (sections 1-5) at one sitting and the other sections at another.  I am pretty sure that Mr. Rose would not mind if the public access TV station showed the video in parts.  MAKE SURE THAT YOU PUT  at the end of the show.  Thousands of people watch public access TV and this video deserves to be a feature.  ONCE THEY LEARN THE INFORMATION THEY CANNOT UNLEARN IT.  THEY WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT.  

The Post Office and the Library

Starting every January the Post Offices and Libraries have stacks and stacks of 1040's and other tax forms for the people.  We can ask for permission or just put flyers out or other information like the "Please Prosecute Me" statement from Mr. Rose.  As the people pick up their tax forms, they can also pick up information that they are filing fraudulent returns.  Some people that I know are standing outside of the post offices and libraries and handing out the flyers about the income tax.

Libraries and Community Centers

Libraries and community centers have meeting rooms that can be rented for $0 to $20.  You must not sell things or charge admission though.  That won't stop you from having videos to sell out in your car after the meeting. 

A good flyer attention catcher, from Larken Rose, is: 

If you got a bill every month from some company, and faithfully paid it in full and on time each month, what would you think if you discovered that the company just MADE UP the amount owed, and that you never actually owed it? 

Come see who has been stealing from you. 

Free admission.  No obligation. 

This flyer may get the attention of a few people, then you will have to have a good 5- minute introduction and then show all or part of the video.  Have some videos for sale outside.  Offer a reward if you dare. 

Someone at this point mentioned Rotary Clubs, Chamber of Commerce meetings and Toastmasters.  I would only deal with these groups if I were already a trusted member. 

Get creative and make up your own flyers.  Put them in neighborhood papers, magazines and anywhere you are allowed. 

Taxpreparing Companies

Larken Rose mentioned H & R Block, and we will not do anything with/to them until we hear from Larken, but I am going to go to the smaller tax preparer store fronts and offer them $1,000 to debunk the video.  I see them all over the place.  I will get the name of the manager and tell them that they can put the entire office on the project.  

Debunking the video means using the exact same law, the codes and regulations, to show that the video is wrong.  No court cases, no other references, just the law. 

I am personally not using any other argument because this one is the most solid that I have seen.  Also I have personally seen the government run from rebutting it.  I would suggest that you not bring up any other issues (911, the federal reserve…..) when you have meetings.  My dad always taught me never to pour a bowl full into a saucer.  We must keep it simple and that way we won't confuse and frustrate the people.  One issue to think about is enough for the beginners.   We must not overwhelm them or we will loose them and they may go away calling us kooks.  This video is so well done that we don't need to mess it up with our mouths.  


The government knows that the income tax is on its last toe.  They are, as we speak, planning to sneak a NATIONAL SALES TAX in under the radar.  WE DO NOT WANT A NATIONAL SALES TAX NOR A FLAT TAX OR ANY OTHER TAX!  We want them to abide by the Constitution.  The taxes allowed by the Constitution  (imposts, excise duties and tariffs) are the only ones that we need.  These taxes will take care of all of the limited duties of our government.  All of the unconstitutional programs and entitlements that the government is now implementing may be eliminated, but that is as it should be.  We need to get back to the Constitution.  Please explain to everyone that the NATIONAL SALES TAX/FLAT TAX IS BAD NEWS! 

I know that if we get busy and take this plan seriously we can eliminate the IRS and get people out of jail for failure to file.  I know that with 12 disciples Jesus carried the Gospel worldwide for over two centuries.  With a band of 1000 people all over the USA we can save our country.  One step is the elimination of the IRS.   Get busy.  E-mail this to all interested citizens.  Sherry


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