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RTR Resource CD
Released 2-1-2009

Many have asked were they could get prior RTR National Conference Calls. I am pleased to announce that after many many long hours I have put together the following cd for your enjoyment. If you are on dialup and find 700 meg too much to download I will make this cd available for purchase. Please email: [email protected] if you want to proceed in this way.

Download Now!

If you can't burn cd's I recommend ISO Recorder by Alex Feinman which will let
you burn this image to cd. You can download it HERE

02-01-2009 Our very own RTR Radio has been on the air for One Year!

01-29-2009 Donna Bendikson of Restore The Republic interviews Charlotte Iserbyt.
Download the call HERE. Topic was "Get Out Of The UN".

04-17-2008 Maine Legislators cave in to DHS (Department of Homeland Stupidity). Traitor Baldacci's LD 2309 passes with amendments. Maine citizen's are now subject to being numbered like cattle and tracked like a piece of property. Citizens too stupid to hold their servants accountable. What a sad day in history!!!

4-05-08 Placed all Republic Magazines online.

3-09-08 Moved some links from the main page to the links page.
Also added links to Steven Pattison's materials. (MUST READ)

3-07-08 RTR Radio schedule is now posted.

2-02-08 RTR Radio is now in beta testing.

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